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Civil Rights Research                                        Name:_______________________
Choose one of the Civil Rights leaders for your Civil Rights Research Project. Find resources via the internet and text. The resources you will find include a variety of information including websites, newspaper articles, interviews, audio clips, timelines, and pictures. You will need to read through the resources and gather information for your project. You may find some of the resources more useful than others. Remember to pay attention to the details and take notes.
Components of the Project:
You are required to take HANDWRITTEN notes from the sources. Make sure that you LIST down
what sources you use at the top of each note section (You will need to create a bibliography at the end – use bibme.org to help!). Must have at least THREE sources! Remember “Google” is not a source; you need to provide the website title and address.  Your notes do NOT have to be in complete sentences. Paraphrase - do NOT write word for word as it will hurt you later! If you find a quote you like, you MUST cite it (put where it is from).

Picket Poster:
You will be creating a “picket poster” that your person might be seen with. This poster must include information about what they stand for and who they are representing.
Person Outline:
Create an outline of your person, and use a photograph for their face. In the body you will share insightful, meaningful, and useful information on your person. This can be done in many ways. You should include: Name, Birth date, Location of activity, major events (and what happened) in this person’s life, how they impacted the civil rights movement, and how they are remembered.
At the end of the research, you will be responsible for presenting your final product.  This will be a short 5 minute presentation on your research, person, and picket poster.
All notes are handwritten, paraphrased (your own words), and complete.
Product- Person Poster:
Chosen product is clear, content is correct, writing is well done.
Product- Picket Poster:
Chosen product is clear, content is correct, writing is well done.
Complete and correct (may use a website to help. Must be typed and in alphabetical order.)
Worked well during class time, was respectful during presentations
Total Points