Monday, February 26

Christian Studies: Student Led Conferences due 3/14 Memory on Thursday
Algebra: #2-20 evens
Geometry: Test on Wednesday
WA History: Work on business powerpoint
US History: Work on DC slides :)
Ancient Civilizations: Projects due on Wednesday
7 Grammar:

Monday, February 12

Christian Studies: Memory on Wednesday
Algebra: Chapter 6 Study Guide Review 6-60 Multiples of 3, you may skip 2 questions
Geometry: 6.5 video and notes
WA History: Chapter 5 Review questions, project due tomorrow
US History: Chapter 10 test due Wednesday at 8:30 am
Ancient Civilizations: none, we had a test today :)
7 Grammar: Tenses Fences due Tuesday

Friday, February 9

Christian Studies:
Algebra: Chapter Test (test on Tuesday)
WA History: Projects due Tuesday
US History: 10.3 questions in g.classroom!
Ancient Civilizations: Test on Monday have orange sheets filled out!
7 Grammar: please turn in any missing work. Have tenses fences ready to go!

Tuesday, February 6

Christian Studies: Memory on Friday
Algebra:  Worksheet on Systems of Inequalities
Geometry: 6.3 and 6.4
WA History: Work on Project due Tuesday
US History: Worksheet 10.2 due Wednesday
Ancient Civilizations: study guide
7 Grammar: Tenses Fences

Monday, February 5

Christian Studies: Memory on Friday
Algebra: 12-21 all
Geometry:  6.2
WA History: None
US History: None
Ancient Civilizations: Fill out Study Guide
7 Grammar:

Thursday, February 1

Christian Studies: Memory
Algebra: Quiz Tomorrow
Geometry: none
WA History:  None
US History: None
Ancient Civilizations: Finish Notes
7 Grammar: 4-2 notes
Other: Please turn in permissions forms for the plays :)

Mrs. Payne's first blog post!

Christian Studies: none Algebra: 16-42 evens WA History: none US History: Trading Cards of The War of 1812 - Due Monday Ancient Civi...