Tuesday, January 30

Christian Studies: Memory on Friday
Algebra: 6.4 #
Geometry: No new work
WA History: First work day is on Friday
US History: Chapter Review due Wednesday Test tomorrow.
Ancient Civilizations: Finish notes for India chapter 3
7 Grammar: Common and Linking Verbs Notes
Art: None
Other:  Letter about Plays due Friday!

Note- a new letter has been sent home about the plays we are attending. The first letter (yellow) had a date error! Please return the PINK letter to Mrs. H :)

Tuesday, January 23

Christian Studies: Memory on Friday
Algebra: 8-26 evens
WA History:  none
US History: finish indoor Olympics posters
Ancient Civilizations: finish reading lesson 2 on India and notes
7 Grammar: Test on Thursday!

Friday, January 12

Christian Studies: None
Algebra: 5.10 20-34 Evens
WA History: Finish notes for 4.3
US History: None we had a test today
Ancient Civilizations: No homework
7 Grammar: Worksheet from 3.2
Art: finish graffiti letters

Thursday, January 11

Christian Studies: Memory Tomorrow
Algebra: W/S 5.9
Geometry: Review 5.3
WA History: Crossword W/S
US History: Test Tomorrow
Ancient Civilizations: None
7 Grammar: W/S 3.2 on Abstract and Concrete Nouns
Art: Finish Graffiti art

Monday, January 8

Christian Studies: Isaiah 26:1-4
Algebra: 5.6 # 10-18 evens, 21-33 mult of 3, 37, 48
Geometry: 5.3 video and notes
WA History: no new work
US History: no new work
Ancient Civilizations: Finish slides 1-3 in notebook please
7 Grammar: w/s from Thursday is due

Friday, January 5

Christian Studies: No new work (read through the story of the Burning Bush)
Algebra: Narnia Activity
Geometry: 5.1 and 5.2 due Monday in Algebra
WA History: Questions for lesson 4.1 are due Monday in Google Classroom
US History:
Ancient Civilizations:
7 Grammar: Worksheet 3.1 Common and Proper Nouns due Tuesday

Mrs. Payne's first blog post!

Christian Studies: none Algebra: 16-42 evens WA History: none US History: Trading Cards of The War of 1812 - Due Monday Ancient Civi...