Wednesday, March 22

Algebra: 14-46 evens
WA History: 167 #1-3
US History: no class today
Christian Studies: Memory on Friday
Art: Work on Mola Art

Thursday, March 16

Algebra: 8.2 #27-54 mult 64-65
WA History: None
US History: Finish reading 8.4
Christian Studies:  None
Grammar:  Finish sentences, if you need them see Mr. Vaudt's  board

Tuesday, March 14

Algebra: Happy Pi Day! Finish up your pi day banner parts.
WA History:  Test Tomorrow
US History:  8.2 #1-2
Christian Studies: Memory on Thursday

Monday, March 13

Algebra: 8.1 #18-74 Evens
WA History: Review questions 1-8 due Wednesday, if you were sick get caught up!
US History:  8.1 # 2-3 Google Classroom
Christian Studies:  Memory this Thursday is MONTHLY!

Friday, March 10

Algebra: AYR Chapter 8
WA History: Review Questions page 154
US History: None
Christian Studies: none
Grammar: See Thursday
Art: Work on Doodle Art

Thursday, March 9

Algebra: No new work, test tomorrow (Yesterday work was Chapter test all)
WA History: No new work, please have your text read up to the roaring 20's
US History: None
Christian Studies: Memory Tomorrow
Grammar:  3 worksheets on parentheses and nonrestrictive elements
Art: Doodle art due at end of class on Wednesday

Tuesday, March 7

Algebra: Odds from yesterday!
WA History: Read pages 150-151, take notes
US History: Test on Thursday! Got DC topics today!
Christian Studies: Memory on Friday!
Grammar: None
Art: None
Other: none 

Monday, March 6

Algebra: page 529 evens
WA History: None
US History: Review game, Review questions 1-9 can be done for HELP on test, not mandatory.
Christian Studies: Memory
Grammar: See Thursday
Art:  None

Friday, March 3

Algebra: 7.9 # 22-38e and 42-52e
WA History: Classroom Questions from 6.2
US History: Questions from 7.4
Christian Studies: None
Grammar: Worksheet on Non-Constritive Commmas
Art: None

Wednesday, March 1

Algebra: Redo 7-8 We reviewed with Mrs. Hulvey today
WA History: No class today. See yesterday's post.
US History: Please finish reading 7.4 for tomorrow's lesson. Final Presidents quiz
Christian Studies: Memory tomorrow
Grammar: See yesterday's post
Art: Finish Art by TOMORROW

Mrs. Hulvey is BACK! YAHOO!