Tuesday, January 31

Algebra: No Homework
WA History: Finish notes on pgs. 116-117.  Railroad Newspaper due 2/22
US History: no class today - Presidents Quiz 1-21 Thursday.  3 Brochures due 2/23
Christian Studies: Memory Test Friday
Grammar: Simple, Compound, Complex? WS
Art: no class today

Monday, January 30

Algebra: 6.1-6.4 Quiz today
WA History: Introduced Railroad Newspaper Project - posted on Google Classroom, due 2/22.  Finish notes for Chinese Laborers
US History: In class, took notes on 6.2.  Delta High School Representatives came to visit.
Christian Studies: Memory Test Friday
Grammar: no class today
Art: no class today

Thursday, January 26

Algebra: AYRTGO All, Foldable - Review, Quiz Monday
WA History: 5.1 #1-3
US History: Took Presidents Quiz 1-14, next week 1-21.
Christian Studies: Memory Test, Finished cards for service project.
Grammar: Complex Sentences WS
Art: No class today
Other: Open House tonight 6-7:30pm, Indoor Olympics tomorrow.  The Book Fair will be open tonight at Open House and tomorrow during Indoor Olympics and until 12:30.  Class Pictures Tues, Jan, 31. A Delta High School representative will be visiting the 8th grade on Monday.

Wednesday, January 25

Algebra: 6.4 12-34 evens
WA History: 5.1 notes, no HW
US History: no class, Presidents Quiz 1-14 tomorrow, 6.1 questions due Monday
Christian Studies: no class, Memory test tomorrow
Grammar: no class today
Art:Introduce zentangles, no homework

Tuesday, January 24

Algebra: Finish/fix 6.3 12-48 evens
WA History: Began 5.1 notes - HW Finish reading Henry Villard pg 110 and take notes
US History: 6.1 pg 186 #1-6, Presidents Quiz 1-14 Thursday
Christian Studies: Memory Test Thurs; Finish card for Retirement Home
Grammar: Compound Sentences WS
Art: no class today - Mola Art due tomorrow
Other:  Come visit the Book Fair this week!  Also, Friday is Indoor Olympics.  Please consider volunteering for this fun event!  Contact Mrs. Jamison to find out where we need help.

Friday, January 20

Algebra: 6.3 12-48 evens (attempt #20+30, even though we didn't have time to do the example, I think you can get it.)  Cut out foldables (solving by elimination and review) to be prepared to fill them out next class.
WA History: Test today, no homework
US History: No class today, Presidents Quiz 1-14 next Thursday
Christian Studies: Memory Test
Grammar: no class today
Art: Please turn in your Mola art the next time we have school, even if it isn't a Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 17

Algebra: Foldable - Solving Linear Equations by Graphing, no HW
WA History: Ch 4 Review, pg 105 (Review) Questions due tomorrow, Ch 4 Test, open notes, next class (hopefully Wed!)
US History: Finish reading 6.1 and take notes (Executive and Legislative Branches), Presidents Quiz (1-7) Thursday 1/19
Christian Studies: Memory Test Friday
Grammar: 2 worksheets - Subject and Predicate, Compound Subject/Compound Predicate
Art: no class - Mola Art Due tomorrow!
Other: Drama Club Chipotle Fundraiser is tonight!  Get a tasty dinner and support the Drama at the same time!  Flyer was in the last News Slice.

Monday, January 16

Upcoming Events:  
Book Fair and Indoor Olympics are coming up and volunteers are needed to help with both.  Book Fair is Jan 22-27 and Indoor Olympics is on Friday Jan 27th.  Sign-ups to help with events for Indoor Olympics are posted outside the office.  More details on Book Fair volunteer needs are included below.  Thank you!

Volunteers needed!  Book Fair is coming up!  Jan 22-27!  The Book Fair will be open before, during, and after school all week.  Anytime you could volunteer there will be help needed! 

Specific needs:

Set up: Friday Jan 20th immediately after school (3:10)

Class Previews: Mon, Jan 23: Extra help all day, but LOTS of help for Pre-K preview 10:25-10:45am.  All you do is help a couple little buddies write down the books they would like their parents to consider buying for them.

Open House Thurs, Jan 26th 5:45-7:30pm

Wrapping up the fair and taking it down: Fri Jan 27 starting about noon.  We will need to complete teacher book lists, pull books to be purchased for the library, and pack up the fair.

During the week busy times (extra help appreciated!) Tues-Thurs will be 10:10-10:30 (first recess) and 11:15-12:45 (both wings lunches and recess)

Please contact Jeanette Allwardt to sign up or with any questions
 509-374-1207 (text ok)

jallwardt@gmail.com or jallwardtbls@gmail.com

Thursday, January 12

Algebra: Make corrections (70% or lower) to returned homework for partial credit.
WA History: 4.3 questions due Tuesday, Stout Hearted 7 finish reading and answer questions on Ch16-18 due Tuesday, Chapter Review due Wednesday. (see Google Classroom)
US History: No Class Today - Presidents quiz over 1-7 Thurs 1/19, State Capitols Test Tues 1/17
Christian Studies: No Class - This week's Memory Work will be tested next Tuesday - know it!
Grammar: Identifying 4 Types of Sentences WS - write 2 sentences of each type on the back.
Art: no class today - Mola Art due next Wed at the beginning of class

Friday, January 6

Algebra: 6.2 9-48 multiples of 3
WA History: We read Stout-Hearted Seven, no homework
US History: 6.1 Notes, House Membership WS due Monday
Christian Studies: Memory Test
Grammar: no class today
Art: no class today

Thursday, January 5

Algebra: 6.1 1-42 even
WA History: Began notes on 4.3, no homework.
US History: Finished reading Constitution, no homework. State Capitals test 1/17
Christian Studies: Memory Friday
Grammar: Types of Sentences, no homework
Art: no class today

Wednesday, January 4

Algebra: Graphing Linear Equations Review WS (in class); HW Ready to Go On pg 393 2-32 even
WA History: no class today
US History: no class today, but be ready for the state capitals test on Tues. 1/17
Christian Studies: Memory on Friday
Grammar: no class yet!
Art: Finish Mola art, due at the beginning of class on Wed. 1/11
Mrs. Hulvey's baby Kenyon James was born yesterday!  Mom and baby are doing well. I'm excited to have the opportunity to step in and teach your kids for the next couple months.  Please feel free to contact me at the school number or jallwardtbls@gmail.com.
Thank you!
 Jeanette Allwardt