Monday, October 30

Christian Studies: Memory on Friday
Algebra: w/s 3.6
Geometry:  Read/notes/w.s
WA History: Think about ABC book idea
US History: Have project ready to Print Wednesday, finish reading 5.3
Ancient Civilizations: None
7 Grammar: W/s from last week
Art: Hands if not turned in

Friday, October 27

Christian Studies: None
Algebra: 2-6 w/s
Geometry: AYR chapter 3
WA History: None
US History: Finish lesson 5.2 and w/s
Ancient Civilizations: cut out all parts for notebook
7 Grammar: Worksheet on Subject and predicates

Thursday, October 26

Christian Studies: memory
Algebra: worksheet coloring
Geometry: test tomorrow
WA History: 3 sh7 ws
US History: work on project
Ancient Civilizations: questions from wednesday
7 Grammar: short worksheet on subject predict

Tuesday, October 24

Christian Studies: Memory
Algebra: RTGO evens quiz tomorrow
Geometry: Chapter 2 Test all Test Friday
WA History: No new work
US History: Test tomorrow, and late work
Ancient Civilizations: Questions from pages 131-134
7 Grammar: worksheet on types of sentences

Wednesday, October 18

Christian Studies: Don't forget about your growth mindset person to research
Algebra: w/s 3.2 all
Geometry: 2.6 questions
WA History: No new work, have SH7 worksheets done by Monday
US History: Work on your project, test will be next week Wednesday
Ancient Civilizations: Work on your brochure, due Monday for a test grade. Mrs. Hulvey will print them :)
7 Grammar: No new work, new unit starts Tuesday
Art: Work on your texture hand :) 


No school tomorrow and Friday for the NWD teacher conference. Enjoy the time with family and friends. 

Parents will be in Monday to talk about fund raising :) 

Spirit wear order forms have been extended. Yahoo! Get your spirit wear on! 

Tuesday, October 17

Christian Studies: check memory book
Algebra: 18-52 evens (I believe check planner)
Geometry: 2.6
WA History: 3 SH7 worksheets
US History: project
Ancient Civilizations: project test
7 Grammar:

Monday, October 16

Christian Studies: None Chapel Tomorrow
Algebra: ARY ch 3 due Tomorrow
Geometry: Video and Packet! Tomorrow we shall review!
WA History: Power Point sort and SH7 WS if not done. AND ALL LATE WORK
US History: LATE WORK! and notes from 4.4, Project!
Ancient Civilizations: Work on Project/test
7 Grammar: Test Tomorrow

Friday, October 13

Christian Studies: None
Algebra: Test on Monday
Geometry: Packet
WA History: 4 questions on google classroom -- Field Trip form by Wednesday!
US History: 4.3 on google classroom
Ancient Civilizations: none
7 Grammar: Test Tuesday
Art: Work on textures

Fall Fest is tomorrow! Come on down to Howard Amon Park for a great time! Baby H will be there :) 

Thursday, October 12

Christian Studies: Memory
Algebra: Quiz tomorrow and p 119 evens
Geometry: Read 2-5 Quiz tomorrow, videos and notes will be given tomorrow
WA History: None
US History: None (Read ahead if it's helpful!)
Ancient Civilizations: None
7 Grammar: Test Tuesday!!! STUDY!
Art: Practice your textures

Tuesday, October 10

Christian Studies: Chapel tomorrow!
Algebra: Extra Practice number 9-37 all (chapter 2!)
Geometry: evens
WA History: None
US History: None
Ancient Civilizations: none
7 Grammar: Be ready to finish rules poster and examples by Thursday! TEST IS TUESDAY

Monday, October 9

Christian Studies: Memorize Chapel Parts
Algebra: 2.5 # 14-29 all
Geometry: RTGO
WA History:  None
US History: Classroom
Ancient Civilizations: None
7 Grammar: See Thursday
Art: Finish Letter

Friday, October 6

Christian Studies: Memorize Chapel Parts
Geometry: 2-4 #10-23 all
WA History: None New chapter starts Monday
US History: No new work
Ancient Civilizations:  Work on your cuneiform code, be ready to carve on Monday
7 Grammar: Get all late work made up, test on October 17th. Work sheet on numbers due on Tuesday!
Art: Finish your graffiti art

8th grade chapel is on Wednesday! Please join us if you can!

Wednesday, October 4

Christian Studies: Memory
Algebra:  2.3 #2 -22 evens
Geometry: see yesterday
WA History:  Project due tomorrow
US History: none test today!
Ancient Civilizations: work on notebook as you can!
7 Grammar:

Tuesday, October 3

Christian Studies: Memory
Algebra: 2.2 # 20-46e, 58,60, 88-90,101-104
Geometry: notes and 2.2 in class tomorrow
WA History: project due Thursday
US History: Test tomorrow, get that late work in
Ancient Civilizations: Have notebook pieces ready to go
7 Grammar:  See Last week, no class today

Monday, October 2

Christian Studies: Work on Skit
Algebra:  2.1 # 21-48 multiples of 3 and 72,78
Geometry: Watch Video and Notes, also read 2.1 and 2.2, be ready for notes.
WA History: No homework
US History: Test on Wednesday, Tonight's homework is to do the Chapter Review
Ancient Civilizations: cut out last three pages
7 Grammar: see Thursday

Mrs. Payne's first blog post!

Christian Studies: none Algebra: 16-42 evens WA History: none US History: Trading Cards of The War of 1812 - Due Monday Ancient Civi...