Thursday, August 31

Christian Studies: Memory Tomorrow before 8:30 please
Algebra: Scavenger Hunt
Geometry: Scavenger Hunt
WA History: none
US History: make sure your book has loaded
Ancient Civilizations: none
7 Grammar: None

What a great day! :) Have a good night! Tomorrow is Friday! 

Wednesday, August 30

Christian Studies: Memory Work on Friday
Algebra: No Homework
Geometry: No Homework
WA History:
US History: No Homework
Ancient Civilizations:
7 Grammar:

Fall sports start today!
Final numbers for Lutherhaven are needed, if you wanna go let me know!

Thursday, August 24

What a great first day of school! It was so fun to hear the kiddos talking about their summer, and what they hope this year will be like!

Stay tuned for more information! 

Mrs. Payne's first blog post!

Christian Studies: none Algebra: 16-42 evens WA History: none US History: Trading Cards of The War of 1812 - Due Monday Ancient Civi...