Tuesday, December 13

Algebra: 5-9 w/s b (Please take advantage of re-dos this week! Get them into Mrs. H by Monday, please!
WA History: Read chapter 4 lesson 2 and take notes.  Please read the WHOLE lesson and take NOTES on the whole thing. We will review them tomorrow in class.
US History: We had a test today :)
Christian Studies: Memory on Friday
Grammar:  We did Christmas MadLibs today :) no homework unless you have late work, please get that in TOMORROW!
Art: Work on Mola art :)

Friday, December 9

Algebra: #22-44 evens
WA History: no class today
US History: history test Monday
Christian Studies: none
Grammar: see Tuesday
Art: work on Mola art

Thursday, December 8

Algebra: 5-8 #23-30 all
WA History: SH& ch 11-12 questions
US History: Study for test, it will be Monday no matter what :)
Christian Studies: Memory tomorrow. Questions from play due tomorrow as well, essay due in ONE week.
Grammar: See Tuesday
Art:  Work on Mola art

Question from play:
1) Who was the most memorable character and why?

2) How does the historical background have a part to play in the story of George Bailey?

3)  What did you learn about American life in the 1930’s and 1940’s? In what way is life in that era different than life today? How is it the same?

4) What were the lessons or themes of the play?

5) What causes George’s change of heart at the end of the play?

6) What was your favorite part of the play and why?

7) Do you think George’s story is a happy story – does he have a “wonderful life”? Why or why not?

Wednesday, December 7

Algebra: 5.7 #14-50 Evens
WA History: Questions on Google Classroom
US History: see yesterday
Christian Studies: Memory  work
Grammar: See Yesterday
Art: Work on Mola Art Project

Tuesday, December 6

Algebra: Fix quiz
WA History: None
US History: Questions 1-3 at the end of lesson 5.4 due Thursday
Christian Studies:  Memory
Grammar:  Reflective and  Intensive Pronoun worksheet
Art:  Doodle Art  due at the start  of class

Thursday is our play field trip :) 

Monday, December 5

Algebra: Ready to Go On chapter 5 Quiz tomorrow.
WA History: No new homework
US History: Finish reading 5.3 and take notes on the last of the reading. Students did some discovery learning on the 3 branches of government.
Christian Studies: We read Genesis 30-33

Friday, December 2

Algebra: Re-do last night's homework, quiz will be Tuesday (rain or shine;) )
WA History: None, we had a test today
US History:
Christian Studies: none
Grammar: See Yesterday
Art: Finish Doodle art by the start of class Wednesday

Don't forget our field trip on Thursday! We will leave at 11:30 and return  by 2:30pm 

Thursday, December 1

Algebra: 5-6 # 20-35 all
WA History: Test tomorrow, STUDY :)
US History:
Christian Studies: Memory on Friday
Grammar: Worksheets on Reflexive and