Wednesday, November 30

Algebra: 5-5 w/s B due Tomorrow
WA History:  Stouthearted Seven Chapters 8-10 worksheets due Tomorrow
US History: Finish reading 5.2 (only 1 section!!) and the 5 question multiple choice worksheet, THERE IS A TYPO! number 4 should say "which is NOT to blame!"
Christian Studies: Memory on Friday
Grammar:  See Yesterday
Art: Work on Doodle Art :)

Tuesday, November 29

Algebra: 5-4 #12-48 multiples of three
WA History: Questions 1-3 at the end of lesson 3.3
US History: Questions 1-3 at the end of lesson 5.1
Christian Studies: Memory on Friday
Grammar: have notebook finished with today's  notes
Art: None

Monday, November 28

Algebra: Slope Activity (Done in class)
WA History: Read lesson  3.3
US History: Read Le
sson 5.1
Christian Studies: Read about Easu and Jacob- Through chapter 30.
Grammar: None
Art:  None
Other:  None

If you have not turned in your permission form for our field trip, it is PAST DUE! Please get it in :) 

Thursday, November 17

Algebra: 5-2 w/s b
WA History: questions for chapter 3 lesson 2
US History:  None-- we got our test back and learned about
Christian Studies:  Memory tomorrow
Grammar:  None
Art:  None
Other:  None 

Wednesday, November 16

Algebra: 5.1 Problem Solving w/s
WA History: none
US History: none
Christian Studies:  Memory on Friday
Grammar: None
Art: none
Other: none

Tuesday, November 15

Algebra:  Are you read chapter 5 all
WA History:
US History: History Test tomorrow
Christian Studies: Memory on  Friday
Grammar: Test today, no homework
Art: All string must be glued and ready to go by 8:30 am!

Monday, November 14

Algebra: Chapter 4 test from book
WA History: none
US History:  STUDY test Wednesday
Christian Studies: Memory on Friday
Grammar: Test tomorrow
Art:  Have string art DONE by 8:30 am Wednesday!

Picture retakes are Thursday. 
Half day on Friday!
Please make sure you have signed up for conferences! 

Thursday, November 10

Algebra: 4.6 # 9-33, 48-53
WA History: read ch 5-6 in Stout-Hearted Seven and the worksheets
US History: Practice test on Monday
Christian Studies: None
Grammar: Test on Tuesday! STUDY!
Art: Finish gluing your sting for class on Wednesday

Wednesday, November 9

Algebra: 4.5 Scatter Plots and Trend Lines #14-26
WA History: Questions from Tuesday due tomorrow
US History:  None... if you neglected to do your notes, please get caught up
Christian Studies: Memory tomorrow
Grammar:  None
Art:  Work on string, get all your string glued and read to cover in foil

Spirit Wear Last Day is tomorrow :) 

Tuesday, November 8

Algebra: 3 equations (remember its 60 points!)
WA History:  Questions 1-4 due Thursday
US History: Read chapter 4 lesson 3 for Tomorrow
Christian Studies: Memory on Thursday
Grammar: No class today
Art: Finish cute but scary animals

Monday, November 7

Algebra: 4.3 w.s b
WA History:  None
US History:  None
Christian Studies:  Memory on Thursday
Grammar:  See Last Week

Art: Finish cute but scary animals

Please make sure your LEST sign-up form is turned into the office! We are trying to finalize teams ASAP for coaches! 

Friday, November 4

Algebra: w/s c
WA History: none
US History: none
Christian Studies: none
Grammar: see yesterday
Art: finish cute  but scary animal

Happy Weekend! 

Thursday, November 3

Algebra: none
WA History: stout headed seven ch 3-4
US History: none
Christian Studies: memory
Grammar: late work, and object pronoun w.s

Wednesday, November 2

Algebra: 4.1 10-22 all NO 17
WA History:  None
US History: None
Christian Studies: Memory
Grammar: See Yesterday
Art: Animal art due Wednesday

Tuesday, November 1

Algebra:  Are you ready chapter 4 all
WA History: Test Tomorrow. Please Study!
US History: No homework tonight.
Christian Studies:  Memory on Friday
Grammar: Today we reviewed Subjective and Objective Pronouns IF you did not finish the green adn yellow worksheets please do that tonight. If you had a "try again" for Objective Pronouns, please re-do them for Thursday.