Friday, September 30

Algebra: 2.5 w/s B
WA History: None we had a test today :)
US History:  No new work
Christian Studies:  None
Grammar: None
Art: Mola art due on Wednesday!

Thursday, September 29

Algebra: Please finish Banner if not done in class
WA History:  Test Tomorrow, Project due on Thursday October 6th
US History:  None
Christian Studies:  Memory Tomorrow
Grammar:  None
Art:  Mola Art is DUE next  week ! Bring a Soda can  too!

Tomorrow is our first Fall Fest Last Day Spirit Wear (FFLDSW? That's a little  lengthy!)
Please adhere to the guidelines to participate: 

* Spirit wear on top - this can be BL logowear, PE shirts, past PE shirts, Fall Fest shirts (once we get them), past Fall Fest shirts.  Basically anything we have sold or provided that is BL branded.
* Alternative to spirit wear or if your student does not have any spirit wear: standard of dress shirts!
* Jeans on bottom - Long jeans or jean shorts that are no shorter than 4 inches above the knee only.  Jeans should fit well - not too tight, not too loose, no holes, no other fabrics besides denim (no leggings that look like jeans).  Just jeans.    

* Alternative to jeans: standard of dress bottoms!

Wednesday, September 28

Algebra: 2.3 #24-40 evens, 53,59,64,66
WA History:  Work day for your project
US History: Test Tomorrow, make sure your notebook is ready to go, who knows if you can use it tomorrow :)
Christian Studies: Memory on Friday
Grammar: Test Tomorrow, see yesterday for any work.
Art:  Please bring to school a clean empty soda can for class next week! 

Tuesday, September 27

Algebra: W/S 2.1 and 2.2 (one sheet of paper front and back)
WA History:  Review Questions are due on Thursday
US History: Test on Thursday
Christian Studies: Memory on Friday
Grammar: Review for test on Thursday-- Titles, Interjections, Conjunctions, and tense agreement. Use review sheets and past homework to help.
Art: Mola art will be due at end of class on Wednesday

8th grade Chapel is tomorrow! Come join us, we'd love to have you! 

Monday, September 26

Algebra:  Are you Ready chapter 2
WA History:  Page 30 #1-3 All, due tomorrow.
US History: Test on Thursday
Christian Studies:  Memory on Friday
Grammar: See Thursday
Art: Mola Art is due at END of Art class on Wednesday 9/28

8th grade chapel is THIS WEEK! :) We are excited to lead See You at the Pole! If you can join us we would love to have you here!

Friday, September 23

Algebra: No homework this weekend :)
WA History: No Homework, but you can start on your project!
US History:
Christian Studies: None
Grammar: Please get missing work in ASAP.

Parent meeting tonight at 5:30 here in the 8th grade room :)

Thursday, September 22

Algebra:  Chapter Test Odds (Test tomorrow)
WA History:  None
US History:  Finish notes for 2.4 with summary, I will be checking them tomorrow!
Christian Studies: Old Testament
Grammar: No homework
Art:  Work on Mola Art

Wednesday, September 21

Algebra: Ready to go on page 61 evens
WA History:  Read through Mt. St. Helens
US History:  Quiz tomorrow
Christian Studies: Memory
Grammar: See yesterday
Art: Continue working on your Mola Art

Tuesday, September 20

Algebra:  1.8 #   18-60 mult of 3  Quiz Thursday, Test Friday
WA History: None (MAP testing)
US History:
Christian Studies: Memory on Friday
Grammar: Yellow Review W/S if not finished in class
Art: Mola Art Animal is due tomorrow at the start of class

Good Luck Eagles on the first games of the season! :) 

Pasco Vision Clinic will be here next week to do vision testing. 

Here is a flashback from Camp! Look at that team work! 

Monday, September 19

Algebra: 1.7 # 26-54e, 57,  61-64, 73-75
WA History: We watched Bill Nye Volcanoes Video, if absent please Watch this link :)
US History: Nothing new, HOWEVER your work that is DUE today, needs to get turned in!
Christian Studies: Old Testament is this week!
Grammar:  Check out last week Thursday
Art:  Keep working on your Mola art, have animal with 5 layers ready for class.

Friday, September 16

Algebra: 1.6 #24-63 mult of three, 65,66,71-73,81-84
WA History: No new homework  (we learned a LOT about volcanoes and mountains today!)
US History:Finish reading 2.3, and do number 4 on google classroom
Christian Studies: No new homework
Grammar:  See Yesterday
Art:  Work on Mola Art

Thursday, September 15

Algebra: None
WA History:  Google Classroom Questions
US History:  none
Christian Studies:  Memory
Grammar:  Yellow Review Sheet due Tuesday
Art:  See yesterday

Ice Cream Social and Open House is tonight! Join us at 6:30-7:30 :) 

Wednesday, September 14

Algebra: RTGO All Quiz tomorrow
WA History:
US History: 2.2 Google Classroom Questions due tomorrow
Christian Studies: Memory on Friday
Grammar: See Yesterday
Art: Work on animal Mola Art

Tuesday, September 13

Algebra:1.5 # 23-52 all, 57-64 all
WA History: No homework, unless you are missing work
US History: No homework, unless you are missing work
Christian Studies: Work on Selfie book for Open House.
Grammar: Worksheets on Titles
Art: Doodle art is due at the START of class

Open House is this Thursday! Come join us to check out the classrooms and eat ice cream! :)

Monday, September 12

Algebra: 1.4 # 16-30 and
WA History: Please finish writing 5 sentences about 9/11
US History: Please finish writing 5 sentences about 9/11
Christian Studies: Memory on Friday
Grammar: 2 worksheets from last week are due tomorrow!
Art: Doodle Art is due at the start of art class

Tuesday, September 6

Algebra: W/s for 1.3
WA History: Google Classroom Assignment for Chapter 1
US History: None
Christian Studies: None
Grammar: Two worksheets for review
Art: Doodle art Due at the START of class next week Wednesday

Friday, September 2

Algebra: 1.2  #15-31 mult of three
WA History: None
US History: 2.1 questions 1-3 (google classroom)
Christian Studies: None
Grammar: None
Art: Doodle Name

Lutherhaven is next week! Yeehaw!

Thursday, September 1

Algebra: 1.1 w/s B
WA History: none
US History: Finish your summary for 2.1
Christian Studies: Memory Tomorrow
Grammar: none
Art: Name Doodle

Please get your summer packet in! It is due tomorrow!