Tuesday, November 7

Christian Studies: Memory on Thursday
Algebra: 13-23 all
Geometry: none
WA History: test on Tuesday work on ABC book
US History: No new work
Ancient Civilizations: have your jar ready!
7 Grammar: Test Thursday!

Monday, November 6

Christian Studies: Memory on Thursday
Algebra:  W/S 4.2
Geometry: Finish Videos
WA History: ABC book, get ready for a test on TUESDAY next week
US History: Test tomorrow, lots of late work too
Ancient Civilizations:  Be ready to decorate your canopic jar!
7 Grammar: Test on Thursday!
Art: Have your sketch ready to go for stamp making!

Thursday, November 2

Christian Studies: Memory Tomorrow
Algebra: AYR ch 4 all
Geometry: None Videos tomorrow
WA History: Field Trip
US History: Projects due, and review 1-14 due by end of class
Ancient Civilizations: Pringles Can by Monday!
7 Grammar: W/s on Simple Subject Simple Predicate
Art: make a plan for your fall picture

Wednesday, November 1

Christian Studies: Memory Friday
Algebra: None Test Tomorrow
WA History: None
US History: Be ready to assemble tomorrow
Ancient Civilizations: In class Work
7 Grammar: None

Monday, October 30

Christian Studies: Memory on Friday
Algebra: w/s 3.6
Geometry:  Read/notes/w.s
WA History: Think about ABC book idea
US History: Have project ready to Print Wednesday, finish reading 5.3
Ancient Civilizations: None
7 Grammar: W/s from last week
Art: Hands if not turned in

Friday, October 27

Christian Studies: None
Algebra: 2-6 w/s
Geometry: AYR chapter 3
WA History: None
US History: Finish lesson 5.2 and w/s
Ancient Civilizations: cut out all parts for notebook
7 Grammar: Worksheet on Subject and predicates

Thursday, October 26

Christian Studies: memory
Algebra: worksheet coloring
Geometry: test tomorrow
WA History: 3 sh7 ws
US History: work on project
Ancient Civilizations: questions from wednesday
7 Grammar: short worksheet on subject predict